Saturday, January 5, 2013

Top Five

Remember the Friends Episode where Ross made his Top Ten list and laminated it?

You know...THE Top Ten List... LOL!

You know..THAT kind of Top Ten List!!??!!

Well, my top five is a little different (for now..someday I'll do a top five like that one..tee hee).

The other day, while traveling in the family truckster for 18 hours (one way) to Arizona from Kansas City to visit my in-laws, my hubby, Brian said,

"You know how people always ask if you could have dinner with anyone in the world you wanted to meet who would it be?"

SEE...I told you it wasn't THAT kind of top ten list!! :)

He said he thought Tina Fey would be a great person to meet!!

I agree...she is smart and funny and would have many witty things to talk about!!

SO...I started thinking..who would my top five "if I could have DINNER with anyone in the world I wanted to" would be.

And here they are... :)

#5. President Obama

...first of all, way cool to meet the PONTUS. 

Regardless of all politics...


I have a few things I would like to share...

About funding and awareness of childhood cancer.

And what we could do about that to even the playing field so my son and his friends don't have to face death.

To start.

We would likely cover other topics as well!! LOL!!

#4 Alex Guarnaschelli

(yup...from the Food Network and now the next Iron Chef)

Why?  Well...I'm a huge to cook and think she is amazing in the kitchen.

But...she is also a VERY strong personality and a fighter. 

She is opinionated and makes no  excuses for her opinions while she shares them freely.

But she is never unkind and has a heart.

I LOVE that!!

The conversation would never stop, and we would both share our opinions freely (I love women with balls)

...and then we would get ticked at each other and eventually laugh it off while thinking the other was sooo wrong and we were soo right!! 

I enjoy conversations and people that present challenges and are not afraid of disagreement!

No one ever did anything great with "Group Think"!

#3  Jon Stewart

It's a take-off from Brian's "Tina Fey" idea...I think he's brilliant and smart and witty and fascinating. 

There would never be a dull moment...I would laugh the whole night.

#2 Stephon

Yes...Bill Hader's character from SNL.


I LOVE Stephon...he cracks me UPPPPPPPP!!

#1 Channing Tatum's not that kind of top ten but....

He is hot.


There would be no touching...

I'm married, he's married,

and his beautiful wife is expecting a baby.

I respect that.


I would turn the dance music on and say,

"shhhh baby...don't speak...

just dance"

Ohhhh yeaaaaaa!!!!

Top Five!!!