Friday, May 30, 2014


I have this friend...

I really do have more than one friend (giving myself an encouraging high five right now).  And each and every one of them has a heart of gold. They are selfless and wonderful and amazing, or they wouldn't be my friends.

I have zero tolerance for "Mama Drama" females and I quickly walk away and wish people well when that is their specialty. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Occasionally I like to write about my friends because they are so special, and today is one of those days.

Now, each of my friends is special for a lot of reasons, But there's this one....and she will want to remain anonymous because she does NOT like to have any attention called to her in any shape or form.

So to preserve her anonymity, I'll come up with a pseudonym for her.  Now let's see....

Starlight Moonbeam?


Bat Girl?

Wonder Woman?


She-Ra Princess of Power?

I kinda like that one...

Wait! Eureka!

How about....Jenny?

Yup, that's a great name because it rhymes with many (and she does many things for many people) and it rhymes with penny (because she's raised a bunch of them for kids with cancer) AND it rhymes with Lenny...

(that one just made me giggle a little when I was running through rhyming words in my head)

So..."Jenny"... (as we will call her) pretty awesome!

She's smart, kind, giving, funny, silly, and strong.

She won't agree to any of those descriptors...because she is very, and I mean VERY humble.

Jenny is one of those people who helps others just because she simply wants to help others and make a difference. It's really that simple.

I "met" Jenny about 6 years ago when someone put together a race for Braden to raise money for his medical costs. She called me out of the blue and offered to put together a silent auction at the race. I remember vividly saying that we would be honored but it was so much work...was she sure?

She said of course and then put together a silent auction that raised over $10,000! I had never met her...she just heard about Braden and wanted to help! I was shocked and amazed.

Along the way, we became friends and I am honored to call her one of my besties. She's the kind of person that makes you a better person just because she's your friend!

(Maybe I should have gone with She-Ra Princess of Power instead)...


Anyway, Jenny was a huge part of starting our charity, Braden's Hope For Childhood Cancer, and has turned dreams into reality through organizing, managing, initiating, acting, and always making a difference for our children with cancer.

Just because she's a good person and wants to help! She doesn't have a child with cancer. She doesn't get paid to do this. She just wants to help our kids and she spend more hours than I can even begin to count doing it.

She's completely selfless. So selfless I stand in awe!

Simply put, she inspires me to be a better person.

I think out of all of the traits she possesses, the one I admire and respect the most is her humility.

You can give Jenny a pat on the back for about a full 2 seconds...and then you have to stop it! She really doesn't want any thanks, she is helping from her heart.

And I mean completely....totally...and selflessly...helping from her heart.

So because every time I try to thank her in person, she smiles and changes the subject, I'm ratting her out in this blog.

BOOM!! :)  That'll teach her!  LOL!!

People like that earn the greatest gift I can give respect. I don't give that away readily or easily.  I totally respect Jenny....or whatever her real name is. ;)

Jenny is one of those people you just want to be around because....well...she is just that awesome!

So if you read this "Jenny"...thank you for letting me be your friend!

I love you!