Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I don't know exactly HOW I got so lucky to have so many truly wonderful friends.  Honestly...I don't.

My last blog was about female drama and in it, I told you that my friends just don't "do" drama and that is 100% true.

Every one of my besties is special for individual I'm going to tell you about one of them and what she did tonight.

Her name is Jenn.

And she is AAAAA-MAZING!!!

She is extremely intelligent and beautiful. Like model beautiful on the outside.  BUT her real beauty is something that comes from the inside!

She is a fashionista. She ALWAYS has the most adorable outfits on. She is one of those people who could wear a potato sack and make it look good as she accessorized it with an adorable belt, self-made beautiful jewelry...and heels.

And oh my GOODNESS does this woman have the most amazing shoes!! I have little shoe love affair and I'm telling you that her shoes are the CUTEST.

AND...she wears them to water her garden.

Not kidding! :)

When you see Jenn, your initial impression is that she is so gorgeous that she knocks your socks off. You are left with your jaw dropping open because she is ripped, is dressed to the nines, has beautiful golden locks, and a smile that would stop traffic for miles and miles!

When I first saw Jenn, I thought there would be no way that someone so gorgeous would ever want to hang out with this redneck neighbor of hers. LOL!

I was SOO wrong!! She is HILARIOUS and SOOO smart!!  She absolutely cracks me up with her wisdom and wordplay. She's down to Earth and real and we became the best of friends very quickly!

She just rocks!  And we live across the street from one another so we see each other quite a bit. We always talked and giggled but...

one night...we had wine.

A LOT of wine!!

While sitting in her kitchen.

And since that night, after she walked me home...the whole 50 steps... :)  she has been one of my closest, bestest friends in the entire world.

I admire her SO much!!

Her heart is as big as universe...that's almost big enough.  She would do anything to help anyone!!  She is as loyal as a friend could be and is always there no matter what.

Jenn is one of those people who would drop EVERYTHING to do ANYTHING to help a friend!  No questions asked other than, "what else can I do?" at a moment's notice.  Selflessness is one of her best traits.

She took me to the Mac Makeup counter (I didn't even know Mac made makeup in addition to computers...LOL) and helped me purchase my first set of "enhanced" eyelashes for Art Bra! :)  And we had a BLAST doing it!

Girl drama and gossip?? She would have NOTHING to do with stuff like that!  I LOVE that about her!

Her sense of humor keeps me laughing every time I'm around her. Most of the time, I come home with a tummy ache from laughing so hard!!  And she's one of those people who finds the silver lining in any cloud.  I LOVE that!

She reads me like a book and all it takes is for one "Hello" to be even the slightest bit off for her to call or text to find out what is wrong.  She is so intuitive.

And just tonight, was one of those nights. It was her littlest one's birthday and they invited us over for cupcakes. We couldn't go and when she found out that we weren't going to be able to make it over, she appeared at our door with cupcakes for everyone! :)


Come on now...who even thinks of that!!?  WOW!!!

I have a lot of friends who do things like that for so many people!!  It's just incredible!! I wish I was that good of a friend...I don't even think of that stuff until the opportunity is long over! :)

Sadly... :(

But the real inspiration in this is not that she delivered a cupcake.

It was never about the cupcakes.  She brought cupcakes over to have a reason to check on us and make sure we were okay.

Okay...the cupcake was pretty yummy! ;)

THAT is the kind of person she is and that is what what true friendship is about.

I wish everyone had a Jenn in their lives. And I'm lucky and I have THE Jenn in mine!! Everyone should have friends that are always there for you, allow you to be there for them, love you unconditionally, lift you up, call you our when you are wrong while holding your hand to support you...

and...who will bring you cupcakes!

And somehow, I have an entire group of friends like this...I'm one lucky girl!!!

If you don't have a your friendships. I've learned to move forward from friendships that weren't on this level and have found so many ladies out there who are awesome and inspiring that I want to be just like when I grow up.

If I grow up...that's still in question.

I love each of my friends and am grateful beyond words to them for blessing me with their lives, lessons, patience, grace, wisdom, and love!

This is what friendship is all about!!

Love you girls!! And ROCK!!!

I'll probably be blogging about more of my friends along the way. Did you feel that slight movement of the Earth's surface...that was the axis readjusting after they all gasped at the same time and said, "noooo!" ;)