Friday, June 14, 2013

Prayers needed...

I don't typically post my CaringBridge posts on this site...but this one is an exception because our need is great. 

We need your thoughts and prayers for Braden.

Braden has not made counts for ABT-751 (his chemo) for 35 days. That is pretty unheard of for him. He's missed a week here or there but never for this long. It's only his platelets...everything else is ok.

The problem is this...suppression of platelets can mean disease in the bone marrow.

I've been breathing...his HVA/VMA have been low (but they can remain low in a relapse and not be elevated to indicate new disease).  And he's feeling good and happy...none of his usual "I have cancer" signs.

Until today. He missed counts again yesterday. I emailed Philly and asked what the plan was...would we do a bone marrow biopsy.

Dr. Mosse said that a few patients on ABT-751 developed a toxicity for the drug and that is evidenced in a drop in platelets. They give the patients 42 days to recover in counts before scheduling a bone marrow biopsy to check for a relapse of disease.

Next Thursday we are at day 42.

The plan is that we go in for counts and if platelets are at 75,000 (they were at 64K yesterday and have been uncooperative in moving for weeks), we will go home. IF platelets are NOT at 75K, we do a bone marrow biopsy that day.

It just got real again.

TOO real.


SO...we need positive thoughts and prayers once again...lots of them. Every individual, every group, every single person you can think of...we need you.

We need the mountain to move.  

I pray and I cry to God to please allow Braden to stay....and at the same time I thank him for the time we have gotten. We should not have had these past 2.5 years...he medically should not be here.

We were given a gift and we have made the most of it. I feel extremely blessed and very selfish in wanting more time.  

I used to pray that he would get to have firsts...and he has had many. SO many of our friends have not been this blessed so I feel a little (okay a lot) greedy in hoping for more.

BUT...I DO...I HOPE and PRAY for more firsts!!

AND...I'm incredibly grateful for what we have been given.

We need you..I believe there is power in the army's positive thoughts and prayers...and I am calling on you to help us move that mountain.  

I will update next week on Thursday after counts come in and let you know what the next step is..hopefully it will be that we are on our way home and there is no need for a bone marrow aspirate.

And I feel the need to say this...I do NOT believe this scare and any potential relapse is the work of God. PLEASE do not blame Him.  I believe there are two forces in the world and this is definitely the work of the other guy.  The God I serve is loving, caring, and compassionate not this. He does not make us worry, fill us with fear, and sadness...that's not his M.O. in my mind and heart.  He will see us through matter what the news is on Thursday.


The mountain MUST move!!!  No other option is acceptable...I believe in miracles because I live with one...and I believe the mountain can move!

And...please keep our friends the Bennetts and Grindels in your thoughts and prayers as well. Paul Bennett died on Monday due to a heart attack. He was quite possible the most amazing man I have EVER met. His generosity, love of his family, positivity, generosity, and capacity to do good in the world are unmatched. 

With HOPE, love and thanks!
Deliece :)