Friday, February 1, 2013

Brian was right...

So it turns out that the cat thing might have been a good decision.


The boys usually fall asleep in our bed, and then we (we meaning Brian) carry them to their rooms afterwards. 

They have to have the cat in the bed snuggling before they go to sleep.

It really is sweet!!

First thing in the morning, they are all over the poor kitty...he doesn't get a moment's rest.

He really is very sweet about it, he just dangles while they carry him around! 


I pick them up from school and the first thing they ask is "how is the kitty?" and then they are all over him again until they are asleep.

The cat likes to lick Zach's head...

I cringe!

My favorite thing about this cat (other than the fact he is sweet and patient and my boys love him) is that he plays....


I'm not kidding.

He gets this toy (a very sweet friend gave it to's a yellow bird that used to be on a stick but he got it off) and brings it to you when you are sitting.

Then he sets it down and meows.

You throw it, he gets it, and brings it back and does it again....

and again and again and again!! :)

When he's out of food, he comes to get you by meowing and keeps meowing until you follow him to his food bowls, where he shows you...

"I'm out dude!"

I think he's part Lassie!!

He's not like any cat I've ever met!!

And I love how much my boys love him!!

Last night, he was sleeping on top of the couch and Zach covered him in his favorite blanket.

He doesn't share that blanket with anyone and it is always near him.

Now THAT is love!!

Share your favorite blankie with someone you love!

Sure would be a wonderful world if we ALL did that! :)