Sunday, September 8, 2013


September 9 is a PRETTY BIG DEAL DAY at Hofen Centra!! 

There has got to be some magic in Braden's birthday date and age! 

He is 9 years old on 9-9!


I think it's the kind of magic like the stuff in "Frosty the Snowman"...

Well...without a black magician's hat...

...and a rabbit (oh I hope no one brings him a rabbit for his birthday now! LOL!)

We have so many dates that have special meaning and values. Miranda was born on 8-1-01, Zach 4-3-03, Braden 9-9-04, his new diagnosis day was on our anniversary...every single big thing has been on a special day...scans always line up with special days as well! 

It's pretty remarkable!!

So to turn 9 on 9-9 seems like it's important for some reason. It has to be good mojo of some sort!!

It's got to be magical!!  

We want to see double digits and beyond.  To be honest, I didn't think we would see this one when we got the diagnosis on July 8.

But he is here, he had a big party with his friends yesterday. He ran and climbed and bounced and jumped and partied for over 2 hours. 

And then he went to the Royals Game to meet a very special baseball team, The Bulldogs, who were our Hope Hits winning team. 

And...he got to see the 2014 Royals Calendars for Sale at Kauffman Stadium...oh and Braden and George Brett on the Crown!! 

and on Monday, he is turning 9!

Talk about blessed!!! 

The reality behind this birthday being likely his last still hits us very hard, and we are going to celebrate it like crazy as a result.

We've done this before.  

He wasn't supposed to get 4...then his relapse diagnosis came a month before his 5th birthday...

That was supposed to be the last. 

He showed cANCER who is boss...and he is here to turn 9.

And I believe in miracles!!  

We are NOT giving up yet!!!

I'm sticking with "Hopeful Realist" to describe our mood overall. 

But...September 9 the mood is ONLY




and in complete AWE of God's glory and blessing!



...and so does his new fishie "Darlin" :)  Thanks Ms. Kim!! (you stinker!)