Saturday, April 6, 2013

Zachism Saturday, The Birthday Sushi..

Zach turned 10 this week! Holy smokes, where does the time go?

I asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner, expecting him to come up with something I could make at home.

Instead, he said...

SUSHI!! He LOVES sushi!!

Crazy thing is that one of his friends has a birthday on the same day so when I went to lunch at school with Zach, I told his friend HBD too! He said they were going to have sushi for dinner!! 

I almost fell over!

So...we were at the sushi place when we see these eyes pop over the little room we were in and it was another one of Zach's friends coming for...sushi!! :)  Small, sushi filled, world! LOL! I had posted a pic of us in our room on Facebook, and our friends recognized it when they walked in and were able to find us!!

So as the Brian and Zach were eating their Miso Soup (I passed...) Zach got very serious and said,

"Mom...this soup is a lot like you!"

I was worried.

"It's warm, comforting and I love it..."

Awwww...however, Brian and I were looking at each other like "huh?" :) Cute but a little strange...sorta symbolic of our family I guess!! LOL!!

Then he thought for a minute and added, "It's just like this piece of tofu!"

At that point, Brian coughed and nearly spat out his soup! (it was hilarious)

Then Brian said, "I know what's going to be going up on Saturday"


Me and tofu...twins baby!! 

(which is incidentally the reason I passed on the soup) :)

Happy Birthday Zach! :)