Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Key To Chaos...

Well...I had a "SERIOUSLY!" moment this morning! :)

I had a meeting at school at 8:20. Shouldn't be a problem, usually we are there by that time..easy peasy...right???


This had to be the day that the lego thing just "HAD" to be built before we could get in the car!! I didn't handle that well...there was yelling involved and me explaining that "the lego thing has GOT to wait because we are going to be LATE!"

No one really moved very quickly.

More yelling! Not proud...just truthful! ;)

Which was followed by Braden walking up to me and kindly explaining that "we NOT go to school today...we go to Chugga Cheesies (Chuck E Cheese)....

that was followed by him folding his arms, turning his nose up and saying, "hmmmm"!

Okee doke...so it' going to be THAT kind of day... :)

I talked Braden down, talked Zach away from the legoes and both boys got into the car, everyone was ready to roll!! YAY!!

We got to school and everyone was calm and happy and ready to have a great day.

I parked the car and shut it off....

...well...tried to shut it off...

Apparently, my key ring had gotten between my key and the ignition box (yes...I still have a key...my car is 10 years old).

I tried repeatedly to get it to shut off but that piece of metal was blocking the way!

Two little voices tried to aid me with "helpful" suggestions...like "just turn it off and pull the key out mom!"

SIGH!!  I resisted yelling...

but I did just allow my forehead to fall into my steering wheel.

And I left it there awhile while I sighed....

Zach next suggested we call a mechanic...or the police because we had an emergency.  LOL!

Instead, I called Brian...and I told him I had a meeting that I was late to already so the key would be in the car and the car would be on...

He said he would hurry! Thank goodness he was in town! :) So I left the car running and I headed into school and kissed everyone goodbye while rushing to the office for the meeting...


I stopped at the secretary's desk to tell them that Brian would be bringing in my keys, and why. :)

They know me...and they laughed...

LOTS!! :)  I can't blame them...so did I! :)

I went in for the meeting (where we had another good giggle). I had to rush off at 9 to get to my next thing and was rummaging through my purse for my keys.

I couldn't find them anywhere!!

YUP...I'm blonde!!

We all got a good giggle out of that one too!!

So I stopped at the secretary's desk to collect the keys and a new face looked at me and dangled them with a smile.  She handed to them as I was introduced to the "new secretary!"


First, I gave a big hug to  Mrs. Brake who is leaving...sad sad sad!! She's a gem!!  And then I shook the hand of the new secretary and said,

"Hi...I'm Deliece Hofen and this is pretty much how things are gonna continue to roll for me!"

More giggles....

Mrs. Barrett (the other secretary) gave me a big hug and said that this was a good blog moment!!

She was right.

Seriously!! :)

I left hoping to get a mimosa...never did but still hoped!!

Remember Match Game and "Dumb Dora"??

I just kicked Dumb Dora's ASS!!!

I'm dumber...I WIN!!! :)  LOL!!