Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Funny...

This story truly shows why this blog is titled what it is! :)

Wednesday was the day for Valentines' parties at school, we didn't have school Thursday and Friday.

SO...I convinced my sweet friend, Amy, to let me take her to the second grade party, our sons are in the same class and she has been locked in her house for several weeks following some foot surgery.

I picked her up and we started to turn to head to the school when I saw a neighbor's dog roaming around. She was A.W.O.L. and was headed far from home!

So we stopped and called for her and she happily ran over! She is a sweet puppy and she was thrilled to see us! I grabbed her collar and quickly realized that she was not going to go quietly.

She was SOO excited, she wanted to play and she wanted to lick and she wanted to love and she wanted to run...

So we started walking to her house and she decided to make a break for it.  It was like trying to stop a sled dog at the idatarod races!!  She was pulling me and I was trying to hold on to her so she wouldn't run away when she kicked it into overdrive and bolted.

I tried to hang on...

I didn't want to lose her because I was afraid she would run away and I couldn't stand the thought of the little girls who are her owners crying because they couldn't find her.

Instead of hanging on,

when she pulled really hard...

...I fell flat on my face in the middle of the street!

That's when she ran back and decided this was AWESOME fun and she started licking and running away and then coming back, climbing over me, and licking again and again and again and again...

I was laughing so hard, I could not get up. And that was only egging her on!! :)

Amy was in the car and she later told me all she could see was my legs flying up in the air over and over as I rolled to stop the full facial licks!! She obviously couldn't get out because of her foot so she was helpless but cheering for me!!

I finally climbed to my feet but I was laughing so hard, I could barely stand!! I could see Amy in the car laughing her butt off!!

I called for the dog and she eagerly ran over and I told her we needed to go home and she just followed me!!

If ONLY I had tried that first!!  LOL!!

We rang the neighbor's doorbell, she stood right beside me wagging her tail and ran in the house the minute he opened the door!!

I walked back to the car and Amy and I busted out laughing! 


Only the two of us...

We made it to school in time and the parties were awesome!!

We have SUCH amazing mommies who do great stuff at parties.  The fourth graders had a sock hop and it was priceless!! The kids LOVED it and I got some great video of Zach doing the bunny hop!!  The fourth grade mommies were AMAZING!! HOLY MOLY what a party!!

Braden loved his party and he actually participated in each center without any adults helping him AND I got to be in the room and he handled it AND he listened to the adults at the centers and did what they asked which is unheard of!!

In kindergarten, I couldn't let him see me or he would cry and beg to leave. I had to hide in the hallway and peek in when his back was turned. I sent my camera in with another mom and his amazing kdg teacher also took pics for me!!

In first grade, he would handle it for a bit but then cry and have to leave because it was too much noise and action.

But this party, he knocked it OUT!!! You wouldn't have known he was a child with autism if you walked in the room.  I was very proud.

It's all thanks to the AMAZING teachers he has at his school!! Mrs. Rottinghaus who started him in KDG, Mrs. Haught who kept him going in 1st, Ms. Kumpf who is doing amazing things in second and his paras Ms. Kim and Ms. Jo who have helped him become independent!

We are SOO blessed!! Things could not have gone better at the parties.

I'm just going to try to be a better dog catcher next time!! :)