Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day....

It's always a good day, and believe me, I milk it for all it's worth.

I slept in until 9 today!! Zach finally woke me up by coming in the bedroom and saying, "SO How can you sleep this late?"

Ummm....  and duh. :)

Then I made breakfast for me and Brian made breakfast for everyone else and he cleaned up the kitchen.


I took Zach for a three mile walk...ok, three mile walk for me and three mile scooter (not electric, foot powered) ride for Zach but it was great exercise and this time I had trouble keeping up with him! :)  He was really excited he won! ;)

Then I took Braden outside to play and we walked down to the Pretty Water. It's the water feature at the entrance of our subdivision.

Brian edged the lawn...I've been complaining about it for a long time so it was the perfect gift!!

We watched the sky for sundogs and although I didn't see one, I did come in at one point to get bottles of water from the fridge and there was a beautiful bright light circle on the kitchen floor...with a rainbow around it.  I know it was from my mom and our daughter, Miranda, in Heaven.  I could feel their smiles!!

It was pretty much perfect!

Then I watched some HGTV and Food Network..NO ESPN TODAY! WOO HOOO!!!!

Finally, the guys took me to dinner at a great sushi place in Overland Park, Ks called Han was delish!

We came home, were all stuffed, played outside again for about an hour and are now getting jammies on so we can read.

This day rocked...BUT...

The best part was when I woke up about 6:00...yes, I went back to bed after...

And I found a really awesome present on my pillow.

Zach wrote a note to me wishing me a Happy Mother's Day and put one of his Starburst candies that he had gotten as a gift from his friend who just had a birthday.

It was even the flavor he likes best!!

Keep the diamonds, shoes, furs, trips to Fiji and every other thing I could have asked and wished for...that little note and that precious starburst meant more to me than any of those things could have EVER meant!

It came from his heart and was unprompted.

Thoughtfulness and love...

Gifts don't need to cost money.

I hope all the mommies had a very happy Mother's Day today. I'm thinking of all the mommies who are mommies of angels today and sending extra big hugs and prayers!!