Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl...

Two points about the Super Bowl (and one extra):

One...loved Beyonce...

she was absolutely beautiful and she has SUCH a great voice!

I don't care that it was on a voice track...

she can SING!

Yes...she had on a sexy outfit....

she's Beyonce...if I looked like that, I would wear that outfit every day!! LOL!!

And I thought the special effects were amazing!!

And the commercials rocked!!

This one is my favorite.

I literally had to sit down because I was laughing so hard when Mr. Goldblatt stuck his nipple on the window of the restaurant.

I'm STILL laughing!! :)

I have visions of this being the group I hang with when I'm old.... er.

My friends are pretty freaking fun and crazy...

I'm sure we try to top 'em!!

Here's the commercial if you missed it!

Oh...and YAY RAVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was a GREAT game!

And the AFC wins!! :)


Get ready for 2013 baby...

Chiefs are coming back!!!!

LOVE my Chiefs and I can't WAIT for fall!!! :)

These guys have been HUGE supporters of our foundation and have made SUCH a difference for our kids!

I can NEVER thank them enough!!

Not the year they wanted for 2012 either, but....

EVERY day is a new day and offers new HOPE and

I BELIEVE in my Chiefs!! :)

Kevin Boss, Matt Cassel, Dustin Colquitt, Ryan Lilja, and Ray Farmer signed autographs with our kids at the walk this past summer! Derrick Johnson has done several things for our kiddoes!! And 12 starters did our 2012 calendar with 12 of our heroes!! This was not an "official" Chiefs project...this was something they did on their own because they CARE about our kids with cancer!!
Both on and off the field!!

This is Matt Cassel who was at our walk this past year signing autographs with our kiddoes!
I LOVE the Cassel Family!! They are AMAZING people!!
I will try to blog about how they reached out to support Braden this week!
They ROCK, period!