Thursday, May 30, 2013


That's the title of my new book...yup...a BOOK!! Unbelievable!

TAKE THAT cANCER...A Mother and Son's Journey to HOPE

Mrs. Schmeller, my high school English teacher is laughing right now. I could never get an "A" on any work I did for her...I'm pretty sure this book wouldn't be an A but it comes from my heart. :)

It's the story of our dual cancer fight, about how you have to fight with your gloves off, and about hope and faith in a God who loves us more than anything.

It's 5 years wrapped up into 110 pages. That was no easy feat...

As you can see...I like to type...words flow...too many words :)

So I had a co-author, her name is Maureen Rank and she was a gem. She helped me get things into a structure so I could feel what I really wanted to share and what really was important. I have thousands of pages of writing over the past five years and every page was important to me.

I'm not good at "thinning" :)

Once she had the format worked out, I could then write and literally feel what I wanted to say. I had no plan...I just wrote from my heart.

Hopefully, the book will give you courage and uplift you. It will probably make you shed a tear or two and I hope you fall over laughing at times too!

I expected to have a book when I was done, but I did not expect for the process to change me and help me grow. It did.

In so many ways, I feel like I have been able to wrap that package up and put it closer to a shelf. I'm not sure it will ever make the shelf...I don't think cancer fights work that way...but it is in a package, with a big bow!

Five years of battling, crying, laughing, detouring, living....

What a blessing to be able to write this book and have a story that is continuing for now!!


If you are interested in seeing the book and reading the back cover description please visit and click merchandise. The book is $11.99 and we will ship it out to you right away for $2.00 extra per book.

If you live in Kansas City, you can pick a copy up at Outside The Box Gifts in the Rosanna Shopping Square in Overland Park 11616 Metcalf Avenue (right beside Mardel). You don't have to pay S&H that way AND we will have them for you at the HOPE Walk on June 8 at Frontier Park in Olathe. :)

They are on Amazon but if you purchase them from our website, we get to keep about twice the profit as apparently Amazon likes to have a big old share! :)

I hope you enjoy the book should you purchase one.

It feels so empowering to be able to write this story and put the past 5 years in that box...with the big bow...