Thursday, December 19, 2013


Each year since 2008, Santa Claus has appeared at our doorstep ringing our doorbell one night in December.

And there's a huge group of jolly friends with candles lit singing Christmas Carols with him.

6 years...

and counting. :)

And each year I get tears as they sing.

The feeling of being cared for

and hoped for is simply beyond description.

Our friends...





even some babies...

all coming together to bring joy to our sons.

It's amazing and so heart warming and my favorite night in December...well other than Christmas Eve.

We have always contended that they are our good luck charm.

Last year after the group caroled at our house, we then walked to the homes of two other families in our neighborhood who had family members facing cancer and sang for them.

It was a very cold night and the family at the last house, invited us inside to sing to them.

When we had finished our carols, the lady who was fighting cancer said she had a request...

she asked us to sing "You Are My Sunshine".

There wasn't a dry eye in that house that night.

Both of the ladies we sang to last year earned their angel wings.

What a beautiful gift we were all able to give them last year...I'm sure it is something their families remember those smiles and the collective love and hope from each of us even today.

It truly is an enveloping comfort and warmth that is given by all of those beautiful faces and voices.

This year we continued down the block to the home of another neighbor who is fighting cancer..and whose birthday was yesterday.

We completely surprised her! :) It was PRICELESS!

And then we went to the home of some neighbors who just moved in...I think they liked it....

I don't see a "for sale" sign there today anyway. :)

Doing something kind for someone else doesn't have to cost anything...bringing holiday cheer is free.

And it makes a huge difference for the spirits of the people receiving the gift.

"Kindness in words created confidence. 

Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.

Kindness in giving creates love."
--Lao Tzu

'Tis The Season...

Do something kind for someone during this season of HOPE.

A kind word...a hug...a smile...

All are infectious and all are appreciated.

Kindness is contagious.

And to all of you who have joined us over the years, 

Thank you for six years of kindness to all of you...

and here's hoping for about 60 more years. TAKE THAT cANCER!

You are OUR heroes!

Merry Christmas Everyone!