Sunday, May 5, 2013

Detour in a bra, down a runway...

I just walked down a 50 foot runway, in front of over 500 people… in a bra.

No kidding!

It was for an event called Art Bra and this was the third year they have done this fundraiser. Some of my very best friends had been models and were organizers.  Breast cancer survivors wear the bras on the runway which is awesome and I had been asked before and graciously denied that request. (secretly thinking…there is NO WAY I would wear a bra in front of 500 plus people…not because of the breast cancer, just because it’s a bra in front of 500 plus people!) LOL!!

In January, a very sweet lady called and asked me if I would do it.  She told me that one of my besties had given her my name and number. Initially, I said no. Then she told me that the proceeds went to help under and un-insured breast cancer patients. Pretty important stuff!

Then she said that we could design our own bra and it could be a childhood cancer bra.

AND…it could cover as much of me as I wanted covered.

I said yes!

Then I hung up the phone and said, “what the hell did I just do??”

Immediately, if not sooner, J I began a workout regime to lose pounds and tone up.  I really didn’t think I was that vain, but I was wrong. LOL!  I worked out 5 days a week until my cardio workout burned 600 calories or more, and then I lifted weights. Two of my very good friends helped me with diet and workout plans. I didn’t join a gym, I didn’t “do” a program, I just worked out at home and I worked out hard.

Accountability is the key…and walking down a runway in a bra was certain reason to be accountable…it was my coach and babysitter.  I ate the right carbs, protein (YUCK), fruit, veggies, all whole foods, and made sure I got fat in my diet…really…and I gave up sugar (for the most part, I wasn’t a fanatic).

I was working out with the Evil Twister Chick and her DVD workouts…she pissed me off.  I couldn’t do them without falling so she went back on the shelf and I did interval training and walked…fast.

I lost ten pounds…still have 5 to go.  And I have so much more energy than I could ever explain. I feel 10 years younger!  Unfortunately, my wrinkles and turkey wattle did not follow suit.


Friday, May 3 came and I walked into the downtown Kansas City Airport Museum and saw this absolutely stunning venue with chandeliers and white curtains and beautiful seating…

And a 50 foot white runway.All I could think was “Oh dear Lord…WHAT HAVE I DONE!?”

Largely due to my MS, my balance SUCKS…and I have never been coordinated and graceful…but I was supposed to walk down this runway and smile and be all model-like and swooshy and glam….

I knew that wasn’t going to happen…it’s not me. Silly, irreverent, and crazy…that’s more me!!

My girlfriends were in the audience and they promised to raise the roof with noise!!  I knew that would do the trick for calming my nerves! I was relying on them!

They did our hair and makeup and off we went. My bra was in the live auction, which meant I got the added perk of extra time on stage to strut my stuff. 

Now let’s stop there for a minute and talk about “strut” and “stuff”.


I don’t strut and I don’t have stuff…well I do have some stuff. My “girls” are beautiful. I love them!! They are perky and plump. Silicone ROCKS!!!But I’m a 47 year old, mom of two, former elementary school Principal who wears sweats and jeans and t-shirts 99.9% of the time.

I don’t routinely show my cleavage to 500 people while walking down a runway…in a bra!


The bras in front of me were auctioning for like $5000 each!! HOLY SCHMOLY!!!  That’s a lot of pressure…are you even serious?  Okay…those bras also had beautiful ladies wearing them who had escorts who were professional athletes. That helped. J
Then there was little old plain, Jane me.  In my childhood cancer bra.

“Why the hell not!” overtook What have I done?” and off I went.

And it was SOOOOO much fun!! My girlfriends SCREAMED and ROCKED it out!!! They were right there, front and center right beside the runway. That made me feel 100% better!  My posse had my back!! Love those girls!!! And Brian was there cheering me on too smiling and clapping alongside my friends.

And then…the best part of the night. As I was standing in front of my unruly crew, Brian pointed to someone sitting beside him.

It was a very special little guy. His name is Quinlan and he is the son of one of my friends, Jennifer, who earned her angel wings after a battle with colon cancer. Jennifer is one of my heroes and her son is too.

“Q” was there with his grandpa taking pictures for an amazing local magazine called 435 South.  One of the bras that was in the auction was created in Jennifer’s honor and when I saw it, I cried.

I had seen Q backstage and talked to him and already gotten a hug.  He looked up and me and smiled and I bent down to give him a high five, which turned into a “near hug”. I couldn’t quite reach him.  His big, beautiful smile gave me courage!

And off I went.

My little childhood cancer bra brought about $1,300 dollars (which is still a boatload of money to me) and it will greatly help those breast cancer patients!

It was simply a magical night and I am so glad I did it.

One time.

Detours come in the strangest packages sometimes…and this time it came in the form of a beautiful blue and gold bra and a 50 foot runway.


Info on the event is at J