Saturday, April 20, 2013

Zachism, College...

This morning, we were all laying in bed together, with the cat, and Zach said that when he went to college, he would not be able to take Indy with him.

I asked him why not and he said, "because I will be at college mom!"

Hmmm...hoping that wasn't foreshadowing of too much time spent partying...and instead was because he was going to be studying. (A mom can hope)

SO..I said that he should do what Shawna's boys did. Shawna was their babysitter while I was working. And as far as the boys are concerned, they are part of their family to this day.  She was AMAZING and we all loved her and her whole family tons!!

I told him that her two oldest smartly lived at home for the first two years of their college education and that would save a lot of money and be fun. (Again, a mom can hope)

He got a really happy face and in a super excited voice said,

"You mean I can live with Shawna??"

The blonde runs strong with that one. :)

So Shawna, be sure to save a room for Zachy, he's moving in in just a few years!!

I wish you well with that!! LOL!!