Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Days...


It's no secret that I ADORE the white fluffy stuff!!!

When I was a little girl, we had horses and my dad would put me on the sled, hook it up to a long rope, and pull my sled around while riding the horse.


I have some AWESOME old home movies of those fun times!

As we got older, we got an old truck hood.


we might be rednecks... :)

And my best friend's dad had a four wheel vehicle...

You know where I'm going with this... :)

The rope got attached to the back of their vehicle, our parents rode in the jeep and we rode on the hood flipped over. We literally slid and whipped all OVER the pasture blowing snow in our faces!

It was SOOO much fun!!

It's was the winter redneck version of water tubing behind a boat.

Our clothes were literally packed with snow by the time we were done but we didn't want to stop!!

We had a BLAST!! The fact that I remember it like 30 years later, should tell you something.

Every time it snows, the looks and smiles of my boys make any inconvenience, well...insignificant.

I still want power, and I want everyone to be safe...but I LOVE LOVE LOVE snow!!

In 2011, I had to take Braden down to the hospital for chemo...normally it's a 45 minute drive, but it took the boys and I three hours one was bumper to bumper, slick and sliding and nuts...and all of us giggled the entire way for the whole three hours!!

The trick was blankets, snacks, drinks, toys, stuffed animals, and battery powered dvd players and i-pods...we had a little party in the car...

while I cussed (in my head) at the freaks on the road who apparently did not learn how to drive in the snow!! LOL!!

One of the things we rednecks used to do was go snow drift bustin'. I lived in a small town in western Kansas where the are no trees except for in someone's yard or along a creekbed. It was very desert-region'ish. The drifts would literally be 6-8 foot high because there was nothing to block the blowing snow!

Mom would never let me tunnel into one because she was afraid I would get buried...I might have tunneled in some far away from the house so she wouldn't have seen.  AND...if I HAD done that, it would have ROCKED!!! ;)

We used to go out in my pickup and smash through the highest drifts we could find.  And if we got stuck, we just fired up the tractor and pulled it out!! :)  Ta da!!!

Well, today, we got about 13-14 inches of the glorious white stuff, and are expecting 1-2 more overnight...

I'm beyond giddy!!

The morning rush in KC looked ridiculous and it was literally a parking lot on the interstate.  One of the news channels was broadcasting when some guy knocked on the window of their vehicle and asked if they knew if a snow plow was coming to get them out...


I know I'm blonde here, but even if a snowplow came your way when it's bumper to bumper traffic with thundersnow coming down at a rate of 2-3 inches per hour...

I am not REAL sure how a snowplow is going to get thru the parking lot of cars to plow the snow.... LOL!

I was cracking up!! What perfect timing for a live broadcast!! I can only imagine what the broadcaster was thinking when the guy appeared and knocked on the window not realizing they were broadcasting...just keep it Rated G buddy...we don't want to pay any fines!! LOL!

I think he might NOT have been a redneck, or he would have known better about the snowplow thing!! :)

We spent the day making yummy white chicken chili and cornbread and playing in the snow once the rate slowed down.

I watched Zach and his friends dig tunnels and make forts and have snowball fights...

And Braden played in the snow, and shoveled the yard :)  Brian became the sled dog/horse/jeep and pulled his sled up and down the street,

for a REALLY long time!

We didn't venture outside of our street.  Okay Brian did...he went to work out and get more gas for his snowblower (he spent the entire day helping snowblow people out of their driveways). He's a pretty good guy!!  It was about 6-7 hours total in that cold weather...

I'm not that nice.  It's really cold!! LOL!!

I LOVE being snowed in...

with electricity (let me be clear about that lil detail)  :)

No school again tomorrow and we are going to try to venture out to go sledding down the hill, that was the one thing Braden cried for today that we didn't get to do.

SO tomorrow, we will try to make it happen so he can go "WHEEEEEEEE" down the hill.

And Zach can find new jumps so he can catch some air!!

Snow days are for snuggling, spending time together, helping neighbors, enjoying friends, washing and drying snow clothes so you can go again tomorrow, hot chocolate (or hot tea if you are on a stupid freaking diet that doesn't allow hot chocolate but you still lick the spoon after you make it for your kids and their friends just so you can remember what it was like before you had to have hot tea LOL).... smiles and laughter,

and making memories....

maybe I love them so much...

they are really just a beautiful, fluffy, chilly detour!!!