Saturday, February 23, 2013

Zachism Day..#5

Each Saturday, I will share a "Zachism" with you.  Zach is our nine year old and he's pretty funny, and he's not trying! :)

This week, Zach was listening to a commercial and a tune came on.  He said,
"Hey....I know that song!! It's the song that plays at the end of Wreck It Ralph during the credits!"

We've seen it one time,

at the theater when it came out this past year.

One time!

My response was,

"So Zach, what's 8x7?"

We do math facts every single day and he really dislikes it and thinks it's borrrrrrrrring.

My question was followed by a looooooong pause...

followed by , "Heyyyyyyyyy!!!  That's not funny mom!!"

My point exactly buddy...

Exactly!! LOL!!

Happy Saturday!