Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Alexander Kind of Day...

Okay...here's another oldie but goodie. I promise it's the last one for awhile from our CaringBridge site (www.caringbridge.org/visit/bradenh).

This one was written in February of 2010, just about a month after Braden was diagnosed and I was having one of those days. 

It was so "Seriously" that I had to share it with you. It was one of those days and everything was going wrong,

but it was also worth a few giggles....

after I had time to chill.  LOL!!

I was exhausted and pooped from no sleep, and my heart was hurting for Braden and Zach both. It really had started to sink in that Braden was fighting for his life and Zach's life was completely turned around now too.

It was quite a day... :)

Hope it gives you a couple of giggles too!!

HUGS! :)

I am having an Alexander kind of day! For those of you who don't know the children's book, Alexander has a terrible, horrible, awful, no good, very bad day (or similar descriptors/order!). Braden's intestinal infection is back. We were schedule to come home yesterday but he spiked a fever at the last minute and we requested to stay at the hospital instead of going home. This infection was so serious last time, we were too scared to come home until we knew more about how he would do.

Braden eating chips...any food he was eat was allowed! :)
Last night was a bad night for me--the gravity and seriousness of Braden's illness really hit me hard (again) and I found myself in a state of complete self pity! Not to worry, Lisa helped last night and Doctor Shore heard about my dismay and brought his "team" up to talk me down off the ledge and do a little "Humpty Dumpty" repair work this morning. I have come to the conclusion that I do not like neuroblastoma!! :) In the initial hours of my meltdown, I called home to talk to Zach and Brian (hadn't seen Zach for 3 days and that's the longest I have gone without seeing him, ever) and Zach said, "Mommy, when are you coming home--I'm sure daddy would watch Braden so you could come see me"! OUCH--this greatly added to my self induced cry-fest. Then this morning, after I gave Braden a bath and was changing his bedding, I accidentally pulled his NG tube out--just caught it on the arm of the chair and yanked it right out. I felt horrible and immediately began to cry yet again! This time, the nurses put me back together. It's nice how they all work together as a team!! :) It was decided that I needed a break. Brian was with Braden so I left to go get Zach and go to a doctor's appointment. I had to leave the medical team's "intervention" early to make my appointment and left my bag with my makeup, dryer, etc. in the room. I realized it when I reached the elevator but pride prevented me from returning to get it. Big mistake.

My appointment had been rescheduled to a plaza location and I had NO clue where I was going but I eventually found the tall building and turn the corner and WHAM...hit my tire on the curb. It was a hard hit so I checked it immediately once I parked and I heard a loud hissing sound...so I jumped back in. I drove like a maniac to try to find some type of garage/gas station or perhaps make it to my dealership on State Line and 435 before it went flat. I called to cancel my appointment and the sweet woman on the phone was trying to help me find a place to go but I was so lost I couldn't even find a street sign!! I made it to 85th and State Line where I pulled into a BP gas station (8507 State Line).  Once again, I began to sob. I was on the phone with my dealership who was politely explaining to me that my roadside assistance plan was no longer in effect so they couldn't help me when a man from the station knocked on my window and asked if I would like for him to change my tire. Thank you Lord! He changed my tire in the pouring, freezing rain and was SO nice about it. He would not let me pay anything for the repairs so just remember that Phillip at the State Line and 85th Street BP station is "THE MAN!!" I left, headed out on 435 driving, let's call it 70'ish, and was calling the BP corporate offices to commend this young man and noticed my hood was flapping. Yup--when I released my parking break, I also released the hood. I then called Brian (for the 500th time since leaving) to tell him I was okay and that all was well and that I was pulling over to shut my hood. I don't even want to know what he was thinking!

That was about an hour and a half ago and I have managed to take a shower, dry my hair with a travel size/folding dryer, and put on back up makeup (that's the old stuff from the bottom of the bag). Yes, I look like I'm ready for Halloween. I now understand that one really should throw away old shades of makeup instead of hanging on to them for "emergencies" because truly, no emergency is worth wearing bright pink blush. I will commend Estee Lauder on their promise of "waterproof" though--seems to be very effective! I am now eating leftover casserole that contains vegetables and I'm having a side of fruit. It's DELICIOUS even though that violates three food rules (leftovers because they turn mushy when reheated--this one really didn't, and vegetables and fruit because they contain absolutely no chocolate). I am going to get my four year old and we are going to have a wonderful celebration today--I plan to kiss him and hug him repeatedly!! He has his kindergarten roundup tomorrow so it's a HUGE day for him! Brian took clothes up to spend the night, and to date, I haven't stayed at home while Braden's been in the hospital so we'll see if I can do it. Maybe tonight is the night!?

So, Alexander, I feel your pain but I think the tide is turning. :) I thought you might enjoy the "humor" of the day! I am posting early so I can enjoy some Zach time today. I am officially proactively cried out for about two months-- or until tomorrow at Kindergarten Roundup, whichever comes first!! :) There's nothing that a shower, bad makeup, casserole, and a four year old's hugs can't fix!!

Deliece :)