Saturday, February 16, 2013

Zachism Day, #4

Saturday is Zachism Day. He is our 9 year old and he says the cutest and funniest stuff without even trying! :)  Today's Zachism is just sweet!

The kitty had some surgery the other day.

(He doesn't like to talk about it, it's "personal"! :) )

We delayed telling Zach because we knew he would worry and be upset.

He's a VERY tender-hearted kid.

The morning of the surgery, we explained that Indy was going to spend the night at the vet's.

Zach was fairly hysterical,

and the only thing that made him feel better is that our former next door neighbor was our vet and he would be taking care of him.

When he realized he was going to spend the night at the hospital, he wasn't happy but he said,

"As long as Mr. Les is watching him, I can let him go. The kitty will ALWAYS be home in my heart!"

Pretty sweet moment!! :)

Love that kid!!

Happy Saturday!