Saturday, May 11, 2013

Zachism Saturday...the walk

A couple of nights ago, Zach and I went for a walk after dinner.

After a bit, Zach burped.

I gave him the mom look.

He giggled.

I gave him the mom look a second time.

He toned the giggle down to a smile.

We walked a little further and he burped again.

This time I said, "Zach! That is not okay!"

And he got this indignant look and tone and said,

"Mom, I's not my fault! It's because of that delicious dinner you made."

Followed by a THIRD burp.

Before I could even say anything he took a deep inhale and said,

"Yup...smells like sloppy joe!  I told you it was dinner!"

Now it was my turn to laugh...

inside my head.

It really WAS funny.

Sometimes being the serious mom is tough to do!