Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kids do the darndest things...

The other day, I was in a second grade classroom, not my son's...in another district.

The teacher was using what is called an "Assertive Discipline Plan". Individuals earned fake money for following the rules, teams (each table group of kiddoes) earned points the same way. Apparently to turn dollars and points in for privledges and prizes. And they lost the points and money if they had a "oops" moment. Incentive to not have "oops" moments. :)

When one of the kiddoes would get a compliment from the teacher, the teacher would ask if the child would rather have a "dollar" or a team point.  The kids would then choose which one they wanted, and they almost always chose "team point" which always resulted in fist bumps and smiles from their whole team!

One ADORABLE, and quiet, little girl got to make that very choice and she chose,

team point.


The little freckled, red headed boy across from her smiled and said "thanks" and held his hand up for a high five.

The little girl kind of backed away and shook her head, no.

The little cutie pie was even more insistent now that she give him a high five so he got closer and even more "celebratory"...

She quietly shook her head no.

Odd, I thought. Wonder what the story is there?

And just then, the little boy reached up and...

picked his nose and wiped it under his desk.

Problem solved.

Wise choice little girl!!

Yup...kids do the darndest things! :)

And I giggled for about an hour.