Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The "Boy" Movie...

Oh brother....

Here we go.

I just got a note from school notifying me that Zach's class of fourth grade boys will be watching "the film" in March.

You know...

..."THE film".

And I quote, "a comprehensive K-12 curriculum on human sexuality".

And,as I was reading,  and I came across that sentence,

I almost fainted.

YIKES!!  :)

The fourth grade curriculum focuses on human growth and development.

And I quote,

"the identification of male and female reproductive parts and functions"

Oh boy.....


I'm having a minor mommy heart attack right now!!

I's time, I get it.

I was a Principal and had to talk to parents about this every single year but...


it's ENTIRELY different when it's MY son!! LOL!!

All I can think about is how Brian and I need to talk to him BEFORE he watches

"the film".

And that pretty much makes me want to THROW UP!!!!

And sit in the corner in the fetal position and suck my thumb!!

I'm SO not ready for my baby to grow up....

...but he is and I have to deal with it.


I don't have to like it.

I'm going to need a glass of wine...or 8...before I can even think about how that discussion is going to roll out!!

I'm honest and open and I know we can deal with the questions but...

I don't wanna!!!!!!! :)

I'm pretty sure that one of the topics in the film is wet dreams...


I feel the need to repeat to myself 1 million times, "it'll be okay, it'll be okay...."

but I'm NOT buying it!!

And so it begins...the growing up thing.

I just hope my son doesn't raise his hand the entire movie. 

That's the FIRST lesson I will teach him...


Zach has no filter,

is curious



and is famous for his "Zachisms".

That is NOT a recipe for successful question-asking post "the film" showing!! LOL!

I'm going to tell him to write it down and bring his questions home.  :)

And right now, in Heaven, there is a grandma angel laughing her HEAD off thinking about me dealing with this!! LOL!!

Lord grant me wisdom, clarity, and the ability to not run into the corner and suck my thumb in front of my son. :)

And please Lord, help me limit the use of the words, "girls have cooties, RUN away from them" to 2.4 million times during the discussion!! LOL!!

In the meantime, Braden brought home a cute little picture of a mouse he drew at school...

Thanks for keepin' it real B! :)

That is MUCH more my speed,

and likely the only thing keeping me from completely hyperventilating!! :)