Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Okay...we've talked about the pee and it not hitting the toilet.

And again this morning, it was sprinkled on the seat...and floor...and the offender cleaned it up with a tons of "sorry moms".



Then I started vacuuming and found two pairs of socks stuffed between couch seat cushions or stuffed under furniture....

Cause it's so much easier to stuff them in places you think mom won't find them and then when she does find them you have to put them in the laundry AND do a chore...


It makes zero sense...have I ever NOT found the socks and have you ever NOT had a consequence??

WAIT...we have a lot of missing socks.


I've got some recovery efforts to do this afternoon now.

Nerf guns scattered all over the floor and on the leather couches....

(we've talked about that like a million times because the guns scratch the couches...and make mom sound a lot like the Hulk...MOM SMASH!!!....GRRRRRRR....)

Snack wrappers...they know to eat in the kitchen ONLY...so they stuff those in (and under) places too)

Again...MOM SMASH!!!



And various assorted "pleasantries". This after I asked everyone to clean everything up before camp today.

Dear Children...if you are going to be sneaky at least be GOOD at it.

Wait...I think that comes when "teen" comes at the end of their age.

I take that one back. ;)

This was all after I was assured, repeatedly, that it was indeed cleaned up.

"Yup mom, yup, yup, yup...all done..yup, yup, yup...nothing else out...yup, yup yup!"

Perhaps "cleaned up" has a different meaning to my short people than it does to me? LOL!

SO I'm starting a new system.

(I saw it on Facebook. :) )

I have a big clear tub and everything that is picked up by mom is held there until a chore is completed to release the item from the clear tub so that it can be played with again.

"Bwahhahhahhhahhhaaaa,"...she laughs while twisting her handlebar moustache. (figuratively...really... )

The problem is that I can't start the system until after Saturday. It's our HOPE Walk day on Saturday for the foundation and I'm crazy busy right now.  I mean crazy busy....yesterday I answered the phone and someone asked if Deliece was there and I had to pause for a second...

How do you forget your own damn name???

Every mom knows...assigning chores or grounding your children really ends up in FAR more pain and work for you than it does for them.

If you don't agree and are feeling the need to say, "not if you do it right...your children can be independent and do the chores without you checking them and continually reminding them to stop staring into space or getting distracted by the "bright shiny object"".  If those (or any other polly anna phrases are in your head) you probably have really responsible kids that never have to do chores or need consequences.

So zip it. :)

So after Saturday, it is ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!!!

And if you are out and about on Saturday and in the Olathe, Kansas Area come to our HOPE Walk and Touch A Truck, Etc. Event we do in conjunction with the City of Olathe. It rocks!! It begins at 8:30...registration opens at 8:00...food, games, fun, fantastic memories, and autographs from childhood cancer heroes! Oh yea... :)  Oh and Slugerr and KC Wolf and some KC Chiefs Cheerleaders.  Frontier Park 15501 Indian Creek Parkway in Olathe 66062.

Shameless plug over...but it helps us raise awareness and $ for our kids with cancer! TAKE THAT cANCER!

I'll let you know how the new system goes...

And what systemic methods for destroying and manipulative the system the boys come up with....

And...which beverage of choice I use to combat those systems...Rum Chata or Mike's Hard Lemonade....