Wednesday, January 30, 2013


It rained reallyhard in KC yesterday and

our sump pump broke during said hard rain.


Apparently, a part just fell off.

Freaking AWESOME!! :)

I noticed it when I opened the door to the storage room to get some things.

I caught it JUST in time because the water was inches from hitting the carpet in our basement.

I say just in time, but that "just in time" is relative. :)

Especially in a storage room

with lots of boxes

of important stuff you want to keep...

I suppose that's why you STORE them and don't ditch them. LOL!!

We have most things in plastic storage boxes up off the floor but there were things in there that I hadn't transitioned into tubs yet.

One of those things was a bag of the boys' clothes.

I hoard them... :)

I'm hoping that someday I will get someone to make a patchwork quilt for each of them.

I would LOVE that!!


the bag got wet and so did the clothes inside.

I found so many treasures!!

Zach's first dress up shoes.

Braden's pajamas he wore during his initial chemotherapy.

Zach's footie jammies.

Christmas jammies from years before, shirts I still visualize them in when I think about those ages.

And keepsake shirts from detours.

I am such a sap when it comes to this stuff.

I know I need to get rid of them, so I now have a bunch ready to go to Good Will, but

they are so hard to party with!

I know, it's not the clothes, its the memories behind the clothes.

But to me, each item is a story, not just an item of clothing.

However, the reality is that they are JUST clothes and the memories will always be in my heart.

SO...I'm letting most of them go.

Why is this so hard?? 

It's stuff they could never wear again, and I probably have pictures of them in those things or they wouldn't be special.

Maybe it's hard because I realize my babies are growing up...

and while THAT is also a good thing...

it makes me a little sad.

I have loved every age...

and I have spend quality time with teens....

I know what's coming!

I'm cautious about enjoying those years! LOL!!

Some days, I just want to freeze time, enjoy it and soak in every detail.

That stupid sump pump incident gave me one of those days.

I suppose it was a detour...

and a life lesson.

Even when you think you are getting a soggy mess....

you might get a memory!


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